The goal of New Age Crimestoppers is to educate everyone on personal safety awareness, through our safety consultants.  What started out as a personal tragic event that caused much pain and sadness in our lives has turned into a very important business.  We are bringing safety awareness out in the open and educating people on the proper ways to use the safety products available to keep you safe. 

We encourage you to take action to prevent a situation that could turn into a disaster!  

We are all in this together – and we are glad you are visiting our site. 

We work together to make our cause known, to reach out to the public to make them aware of their surroundings. Whether you’re ready to spread the word to the public by becoming a NAC Safety Consultant, or purchase products to protect yourself and your family, we are here for you.

Imagine sliding off a road of black ice into a lake with your children or family in the car!  Panic could easily set in but having the Automobile Safety Emergency Tool will ease the panic and help you and your loved ones to safety.  
It is one of the most important safety tools that every person should have in a car, and could easily 

The Automobile safety tool is 7' long and fits easily into the console of a car; it is one of the most versatile tools on the market and has four emergency functions in one tool!  A super bright flashlight, the emergency blinking lights are bright enough to be seen in a dark area and the magnetic head allows the light to be placed securely on top of the car for anyone to see, the pointed knobs on the end is a hammer to break the windows, and the covered blade easily cuts through the seat belt.  

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