Mike and Nancy Evans, Founders 

Personal safety and defense comes from a very sad personal experience that happened to dear friends of ours a few years ago.  One of their daughters turned up missing and, when she was found, she had been murdered.  The funeral was beyond sadness and we felt that there had to be something we could do to raise awareness for personal safety.  

We knew several law enforcement personnel and asked them for advice.  We researched information on safety awareness, instinct and products for self-protection.

What started as a mission of the heart with speaking engagements on personal safety, has grown to a much needed business and one that takes more than the two of us.  

If more of us are aware and more prepared, criminals won't have the opportunity to take from us or hurt us.

Our goal is to raise personal safety awareness and to arm people with the legal products and supplies they need to protect themselves.

 Our Management Team

Mike Evans - Founder/Owner                       Previous owner/operator New Mellennium Building Services, Inc. (million dollar business in the 1990's), Owner - World of Fun Travel

Nancy Evans - Founder/Owner/Educator/Sales -- Education/taught 4th grade, 25 years in sales - beepers and pagers, 2010 census representative - worked through initial mapping phase to final completion phase.

Sandy Donalds - Business Operations Manager -   30 years medical insurance industry/ 20 years operations management, founder/owner Allvera Body Wrap Centers for 3 years, Author of 'A Beautiful Smile, a journey with my mother fighting ALS", and "ALS Caregivers Guide & Journal"