Who would ever believe the crazy winter that we have had throughout the entire United States.  Many of us have almost hibernated this winter and can't hardly wait for the snow to thaw.  As that happens, we will be walking more and just getting out to enjoy the outdoors again.  When we start getting out more, I cannot express enough how we have to put our awareness skills back to work for us.  Don't forget, that awareness and preparedness, are the key to enjoying the upcoming spring that we have been so looking forward to it's arrival!
Just a few safety tips:
Be sure to check out your surroundings as you step out the door.
As soon as you get in your car, hit the manual locks even before you insert the key.
When getting gas, take your keys out and lock the car.
If you have car problems, have a plan.  Have a road service, a friend to call, etc.  But never accept help from a stranger.  True, there still are good samaritans around, but how do you tell who is there to help or who is there to harm.
Happy, and safe spring to everyone!