Many times I will ask somesone if they carry anything for their protection and many times they will tell me that they used to carry a pepper spray.  My next question usually is, "Do you think the world is safer now?"  and they of course respond that it is not.  But why do people stop carrying anything for their protection?  Because they didn't have to use it.  Which I think you will agree, is a good thing.  That is the way we are.  When I had my first allergic reaction, I carried an Epipen, all the time.  And as time passed and I didn't have a problem, it went to the back of my list of things to do.  Well, I had another reaction and had nothing with me and came close to dying.  It took that for me to be deligent about carrying one with me.  I just care about you and want you to stay safe!

Stay Safe!